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On Hafnir farm in North Iceland we have been breeding horses for some years. In the beginning, the horses came from farm in Vestur-Húnavatnssýsla named Aðalból. Since we bought the farm Hafnir we have used good stallions for the mares. We use promising stallions that have good pedigree. We know that everyone is not looking for the same in a horse so we try to breed various horses. Adam from Ásmundarstöðum is well known here. Haukur Freyr IS1998156930 was born here and used when he was a young stallion and we have horses that are breeded from him. Last sommer we had a young stallion named Kolbeinn IS 2004157340. He is very colorful, so we are very excited to see the foals next spring.

Hosts: Helga Ingimarsdóttir og Vignir Sveinsson Höfnum – Skaga – Austur Húnavatnssýslu Tel 452-4163 E-mail: hafnir@simnet.is