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Welcome to Hafnir - Cottage for rent, Eiderdown duvets for sale.

Hafnir on Skagi in AustuHúnavatnssýslu was for centuries concidered a lucrative estate, mainly due to its abundant peripheral resources: seabird egg, eiderdown, trout and arctic char.

Sheep husbandry, horse-breeding and horse taming together with the gathering and processing of eiderdown and utilisation of driftwood, constitue the economic basis for living on this northern farm today, as in past centuries, althoug modern methods and technology are now applied. There is a sommer cottage for rent in Hafnir. Cottage surrounded with a beautyful nature and all kinds of birds. Seals within easy walking distance. Walking routes all around.

The farmers in Hafnir are Vignir Sveinsson and Helga Ingimarsdóttir.

Hosts: Helga Ingimarsdóttir og Vignir Sveinsson Höfnum – Skaga – Austur Húnavatnssýslu Tel 452-4163 E-mail: hafnir@simnet.is